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14 October 2013

Mac n' Cheese Tacos

I am officially excited. For the Love of Dessert is my baby. This blog started off as a whim that my sister encouraged me to do and has blossomed into a part of my soul on the internet where i go to share my life, my passion, and my obsession with food. I can't believe what a wonderful outlet this has become for me! Well, what has never stopped amazing me is seeing others enjoy it, read it, and love the recipes that I enjoy. Since it's been growing, I have gotten offers to review products. I have put a lot of thought into this blog -- like whether or not I should advertise. So far, I have decided not because I am still not fully educated on the subject and I thought about whether I wanted to do product reviews.

I decided to go for it. Especially if I felt it would be something I would want to try out and use. Because then I know you all would be curious about trying it out and using it. So why not provide a review about how good it is. Soon, I will start a "Product Review Page" on my blog. Here I hope to review products that I think are interesting, fun/yummy -- things that you all would use and be interested in seeing. What then is my first product that I have been asked to review? Mrs. Fields boxed cookie line, specifically chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. So stay tuned for the review on the "Product Review Page." I was so excited! I had to take a picture and capture the moment. I was like a kid on Christmas morning. My favorite part was seeing  "For the Love of Dessert" :)

You read right! Mac n' Cheese tacos! Taco-mouth...now ;) I am a fan of tacos and am clearly a fan of mac n' cheese and so this recipe just called to me. I saw this picture on Pinterest but when I clicked on the link -- it only took me to a picture. I hate spam :/ Well, not the food Spam (I love that one, again, don't judge me :) Although it is pretty common sense in how to make it; I wanted to provide a recipe for other people like me looking for how to make this yumminess. Because sometimes it is just nice to have a recipe to follow. This recipe is EASY ::me screaming easy:: if you pair it with my Classic, homemade mac n' cheese recipe. And it's a great way to use the left overs. And I can only imagine this is a kid favorite recipe, because it is so fun and creative. You have got to try it. Both the hubby and I preferred it to be in a con tortilla versus a hard shell.

A For the Love of Dessert Original Recipe

1- mac n' cheese recipe*
10-12 oz. shredded meat (I used pork)**
Taco shells (about 10-15) hard shells or corn tortillas
Salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, green onions (garnish, optional)

See: Pesto Tacos or Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole to see how to shred meat (turkey or chicken)

*I usually make this recipe and use the left overs for the tacos :) If you don't want to make it from scratch, use a box of Velveeta mac n' cheese shells.

**In a large crockpot, combine the pork tenderloin and 1/4 c. broth. Cook on low heat for 8 hours or on high for 4 hours (8 hours on low is recommended). Once the pork is done cooking, it should be tender and flaky. Take two forks, and begin shredding apart the pork tenderloin (this should not be too strenuous, but will take sometimes as it is a large piece of meat). Season as desired (salt, pepper, cheese sauce, etc).


Take either a hard shell or corn tortilla, and place a generous serving of meat in the center of the taco shell. Top with heaping spoonfuls of mac n' cheese. Garnish with desired toppings. That's it. Oh, eat it :)


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