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20 October 2013

Cajun Sausage Risotto

I love my hubby. He is such a wonderful blogger hubby :) When I am out of an ingredient or forgot to pick up something, he runs to the store to get it for me. If I am creating a mess and running out of space in our small kitchen, the hubby cleans up after me to give me more space. Or even after baking and cooking, the hubby cleans up after me so I do not have to spend anymore time in the kitchen. The hubby feels that, that is his part in making a recipe -- like we are a team!

Today, I was supposed to make a cake and a few desserts for a baby shower. The cake took me so long that I did not have time to make the desserts, so the hubby ran to the store to pick me up small bites that I could take! I love him so much; he is such a wonderful, supportive partner. How did I get so lucky! ;) And don't you worry-- Ninja tries to do his part too. He loves cleaning up anything that drops on the floor. He waits at the edge of the living room. I think he's providing me moral support (let's not pop my bubble).

Well in ode to my Cajun Country Boy ;) I decided to make a twist to one of my favorite dishes -- risotto. I discovered I really loved risotto when I made mushroom risotto. It is a great way to prepare rice. And I have fostered an extreme love of Cajun food since I met the hubby. I still remember trying boudin, gumbo and jambalaya (made the real way) for the first time ::drool:: I love the mix of seafood and great spices. So I wanted to combine these two loves to make a dish that the hubby would I love. And it was great!

A For the Love of Dessert Original Recipe

4 c. of chicken borth
2 tsbp. olive oil
1 (12 oz) bag of Kroger's 3 pepper and onion blend
1 (14 oz) sausage, cut into medallions (Andouille sausage is most authentic)
1 c. rice (Arborio preferred, long grain rice as substitute)
1/4 c. cooking wine
1/2 c. Parmesan cheese
1-2 tbsp. Tony Chachere's (or other preferred Cajun seasoning*

*Add amount based on desired spice preference


In a large skillet or wok, heat 1 tbsp. olive oil over medium heat. Once hot, add in pepper/onion blend. Saute until tender and no excess liquid remains, about 5-10 minutes. Then add in sausage  and cook until browned. Cooking the veggies in the oil of the sausage will add flavor. Set aside.

In a pot, bring chicken broth to a boil, then reduce heat and keep warm over low heat.

In a skillet, heat 1 tsbp. of olive oil over medium heat. Once hot, add in rice and stir well to coat with olive oil. Cook rice for an additional 3 minutes, stirring only occasionally.

Next add in cooking wine and cook until all the wine is absorbed -- stir constantly. Continue to cook rice by adding 1/4 c. of warmed chicken broth at a time into the rice, stirring continuously until broth has been complete absorbed (it best to use a ladle to add the chicken broth).  Do not add more broth until the previous amount has been entirely absorbed by the rice. Continue adding increments of chicken broth and allowing rice to absorb all the broth -- do this until all the broth has been used and rice is cooked through (add more broth if rice needs additional cooking). Rice should be tender.

Once risotto is cooked stir in Parmesan cheese and Cajun seasoning (Tony Chachere's) until well incorporated and cheese is melted. Finally fold in peppers/onion blend and sausage.


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