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28 October 2013

Halloweenie Mummies

Before I talk food -- I wanted to talk TV :) I am officially a huge Voice addict. I usually like to keep it extra classy and watch shows like the Real Housewives (all....of...them). Hahaha...yes....let's not judge me :) But I happened to accidentally catch one of the episodes of the blind auditions and have been hooked ever since. I am a sucker for good music. Music is very cathartic for me. When I am stressed, baking, cooking, walking...you will find me listening to music. I love a good singer, especially when they give you goosebumps with their voice (you know...Brian McKnight...Boyz II Men). I am currently watching the knockout rounds as I type :) I'm in love, plus I may have a mini crush on Adam Levine. A little eye candy (don't tell the hubby...) and good music on a Monday night, not a bad way to wrap up the day and prepare for a long night writing an exam :/ 

Now onto the meat of the post (hahaha...get it...meat...hot dog...yes corny jokes are awesome). I decided to give the hubby a little break and include a savory treat in my Spooktacular countdown to Halloween. And this will be the only savory recipe in this countdown. Of course it had to include hot dogs. My childhood obsession with hotdogs has to come out on my big kid holiday! And so I though I would get the hubby in the big-kid-halloween spirit by making him these Halloweenie mummies. And how awesome is the name...HalloWEENIE mummies! Too stinkin' cute. Every part of this recipe was fun. I was cracking up the entire time, probably because I was making it for my 28-year-old hubby ;)

They were absolutely adorable! This is definitely something I feel every mom, dad, big sister, big brother or older cousin should make for a little one before (or after) they go out trick-or-treating to end their Halloween night, perfectly. I don't have a little one and so that is why I decided to make it for my "big baby." hahahah. What I loved most about this, is that most Halloween hot dog mummy recipes are boring-- they simply wrap the hot dog. How is that even a mummy?!?! It's not....its a cocoon. But this recipe allows the mummies to have arms and legs. So they actually look like mummies. You have got to make this. And even if you do not have kids, just make them for you "big baby" or let your big kid come out and eat hot dogs!!! Not only are they cute but delicious too! Yum!

Adapted from Our Ordinary Life 


Preheat Oven to 350F
8 hot dogs*
8 oz. crescent rolls
Ketchup and/or mustard for dipping 

The larger the hot dog the better (like Ballpark Franks). I do not eat beef and so my choices for hot dogs were limited. Apparently turkey hot dogs, don't come big ;)


Line a large baking sheet with a baking mat, aluminum foil or parchment paper. Set aside.

Then dab hot dogs with a paper towel to remove any moisture. Cut the bottom center of the hot dogs to create legs and the sides to create arms. Set aside.

Open and roll out the crescent rolls. Cut each triangle lengthwise into thin strips. The strips from one triangle is the perfect amount to wrap one hot dog (but remember I got regular sized hot dogs). Once triangles are cut into thin strips, wrap around hot dog to create "mummy effect."

Lay Halloweenie mummies on baking sheet and coat with a light layer of cooking spray. Bake 15-20 minutes, until crescent dough is golden brown. Allow to cool slightly and serve with ketchup and/or mustard.

That's it! Enjoy,

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