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07 July 2013

Crockpot Pulled-Turkey Pesto Tacos

The next stop on our journey through Southeast Asia was Chiang Mai, Thailand for 2 days. Similar to Siem Reap, Cambodia- we hired a car at the airport to take us around for the two days. First stop was to our hotel for laundry. You are probably thinking, huh? Well, the hubby and I only packed a week's worth of clothes for a two week trip, so that we could pack light and buy a lot on our trip--which we did. And one of the great things about Southeast Asia was that you could get your laundry done for really cheap! I think we had all of our clothes washed, dried, ironed and folded for $15.00! You can barely get one thing dry cleaned for that price!

We also decided to eat at this little cafe near our hotel, I ate my favorite dish of the whole trip there- Thai Tea Tiramisu! It was so yummy! I love Tiramisu yet this was so very different from our traditional Tiramisu! We then headed out on our Temple Tour. We went to a temple on a mountain which provided us with a gorgeous view of all of Chiang Mai and then went to a few more temples. I totally believe in enlightenment and the strength of the mind. By far on of the most inspiring thing I saw while traveling were the Buddhist monks. The overwhelming sense of peace you could feel was remarkable. And their ability to sit completely still without moving, no matter what their age or pose- was awing. We finished the day with shopping and some much needed sleep!

On day 2, we went to the Mae Ping Elephant Camp. We got ride on elephants, feed them treats and watch a show. The show was so entertaining, but the coolest part of the show, was watching a few elephants paint. There is was a famous elephant painter named Suda and she was painting during the show. After the show the hubby and I purchased that painting as a wonderful reminder to this amazing place!

After the elephant camp we went to a Tiger Sanctuary. There we got to play with baby tigers, medium size tigers and large tigers. The large tigers can get pretty darn intimidating but it was such a once in a lifetime experience, that I am glad I sucked it up and did it! The elephant camp and tiger sanctuary were tied as my favorite adventures on our whole trip (along with the floating market). We finished the day again, with more shopping followed by my second favorite dessert- Banana Nutella Roti. Similar to Nutella crepes but so much better! And you know brown people and their love of rotis ;) just kidding!

And in the meantime to the next post about our final stop in the trip--Singapore-- enjoy this easy, yummy crockpot pulled-turkey pesto tacos! Once the meat is cooked- they take about 5 minutes to throw together! I mean pesto? and tacos? ....great on their own and even better together!

Adapted from Pillsbury


24 oz. Jennie-O Turkey Tenderloin (pork or beef could be a substitute)
1 c. diced onions
10 oz. jar of pesto
1/2 c. broth (chicken of vegetable broth)
Taco Shells (12 pck.)
1 tomato diced (or 1 can of diced tomatoes, drained)
1 avocado, sliced
1 c. shredded cheese


In a large crockpot, combine the turkey tenderloin, diced onion, 3 tbsp. of pesto, and broth. Cook on low heat for 8 hours or on high heat for 4 hours (8 hours on low is recommended). Once the turkey is done cooking, it should be tender and flaky. Take two forks, and begin shredding apart the turkey tenderloin (this should not be too strenuous but will take sometime as it is a large piece of meat). Set the meat aside.

Next, spread a layer of pesto along the entire inside of the taco shell and then fill taco shell with the following: a generous serving of meat, avocado slices, and diced tomato. Top with shredded cheese. Serve with lime for a tart-citrus taste as well as some hot sauce for some spice.

This recipe makes wonderful leftovers for those days when you are just too busy or too tired to throw together a meal.


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