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29 July 2013

Velvet Cupcakes Review

Location: Valencia, California
Price: $3.00/cupcake or $33/dozen
Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

In all my cupcakery reviews, I realized that I have yet to review a cupcakery from my own home town. I know! Awful! I chose to review a cupcakery that I have actually tried before (though I technically did not know it). For my bachlorette party- my sister and best friends set up a pre-party with cupcakes. Well Paulina picked up cupcakes from Velvet Cupcakes. Though I do have to say, I am glad that I went there again because my bachlorette party was 6 days before the wedding and so I was not eating very much AND I am not sure the pictures would have turned out so great because they may have been garnished by my sister and besties with some rather tacky decor ;) ::I had no choice, it was my bachlorette party::

So on my last day in California, I decided to swing by. Similar to Sweet Cupcakes, Velvet Cupcakes had my favorite boutique decor. It is an elegant white boutique with hints of pink. It has a gorgeous chandelier in the middle. It hosts a quaint seating area with both a bar counter looking out onto the mall patio and booth area to sit at. This boutique is located in an up and coming, pretty posh mall. They host daily flavors with different specials offered each day, and also seasonal flavors (e.g., peppermint). Each cupcake is decorated with a smooth cloud- so polished, I have been on a YouTube search ever since to find out how to frost cupcakes like that. I have seen a lot of cupcakeries try to frost that way and they either end up not perfectly smooth or the frosting is too soft, in order to create that smoothness. But not Velvet Cupcakes, perfectly frosted with a perfect ratio of frosting to cupcake.

Along that lines, the cupcakes were beautifully decorated in the most simplistic way. They are moist and the overall taste is pretty good. Nothing spectacular but better than average. They had a chocolate hazelnut cupcake-- and being the Nutella addict that I am, I jumped right on it. However, similar to the many places that have attempted to do a chocolate hazelnut cupcake before-- it fell short. Do not get me wrong, it still tasted yummy, but just not Nutella. Though I cannot lie, it would have been nice if it did! The chocolate was the classic devil's chocolate cupcake that you would want and so was the Red Velvet cupcake with an authentic cream cheese frosting. The type of cream cheese frosting, where you can really taste the cream cheese. But my favorite was the cookies n' cream cupcake. Although, the chocolate cake did not host Oreo bits (as I would have really liked)- the cookies n' cream frosting was one of the best I have ever tasted. So good! I could have eaten it up, but I promised to share with my dad and sister.

And bonus (not really because I do judge on this): they have my desired, cute, fancy carry out boxes :)

Bottom line: I really enjoyed this cupcakery. It has my dream look. An elegant place to enjoy some beautiful, yummy yet simple cupcakes. They are moist with the perfect amount of frosting. The only short comings are they offer few cupcakes that are filled or they lack min-in, like in my cookis n' cream cupcake, and the taste just does not completely blow you away (but it's pretty darn good). This is far better than your average cupcakery and you will be very happy if you enjoy one of their cupcakes! Let's just say, I am glad that it's in my home town ;)


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