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28 July 2013

Sweet Cupcakes Review

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Price: $3.25/cupcake or $12.50/4 cupcakes
Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

I am on a mission to catch up on some long overdue cupcakery reviews. Since, it's been while, you ay not remember but this past Spring Break I had gone to a conference in Boston (yes- Boston during St. Patrick's Day weekend). While there, I had tried the infamous Georgetown Cupcakes. Normally, places that have been hyped up never really live  up to their expectations. However, this time I was so amazingly surprised that the yumminess that was Georgetown Cupcakes. Being the social networking addict that  I am- I shared my yummy experience with Facebook. A colleague of mine, who recently left our program for internship, ended up in Boston. She commented that if I loved Georgetown Cupcakes, I would really like Sweet Cupcakes. Well-- with that-- I just had to go. There are three locations, but Ashley (aka: my cupcake buddy) and I decided to go to the original location.

Sweet Cupcakes is an adorable boutique, with beige antique wall paper, dark wood floors, and just a hint of soft pink and white as the color for its seating area-- so subtle that it will no doubt, be attractive to even the manly, man. As this particular location, the ambiance was that of an upscale, business casual. The host wore a dress shirt, black slacks and a tie. I absolutely loved it! It was so chic. Do not get me wrong, I love small, low key, casual type eats BUT if you remember, for some odd reason-- I love the fancy, uptown, girliness that is meant to be a cupcakery! Definitely a note I took down, if I were to ever open up a bakery myself. And, so, for overall atmosphere, I really enjoyed this place.

The small display of cupcakes, hosted quite a few selections, which was a added bonus. No limit to the daily flavors you often get stuck with at other places. Their famous cupcakes, was that based on the buttermilk pancake. Though I am a sucker for signature cupcakes, the buttermilk pancake based cupcake was just not screaming my name. So between Ashely and I we decided to get: Hot Chocolate, Cookies n' Cream, Cookie Dough, and Chocolate on Vanilla (ignore the green sprinkles-- as it was a holiday limited look for none other than St. Patrick's Day).

Similar to Georgetown Cupcakes, these cupcakes are small and hand sized. With an almost pefect frosting to cupcake ratio, except for their Chocolate on Vanilla cupcake, which had slightly too much frosting. They are simple, but elegantly decorated. A trait that I have come to admire- not lumpy. I have come to the realizations that some cupcakeries are sloppy. They put out lopsided, lumpy cupcakes which irritate me to the core. Luckily, the beauty that is Sweets Cupcakery is also shown in their cupcakes. I had high hopes for this cupcakery that was compared to Georgetown Cupcakes.

Sadly, as many places that are hyped- it did not live up to its expectations. But we did not have the heart to tell the sweet host that kept checking if we were happy with everything (plus, for Sweets as they hire great staff...kudos). The cupcakes were slightly dry-- every one of them except for the Hot Chocolate cupcakes that was filled with a chocolate mouse. Even the cookie dough cupcake was dry even though it was filled with cookie dough--why--because the cookie dough was even dry. Even the cookies n' cream cupcake, a new found favorite of mine, was underwhelming at best.

Bottom line: it was not bad-- not close. Yummy, cute and a good portion. But dry-- so grab yourself a drink when you enjoy the cupcake. It was a "sweet" place with a cute vibe. What does that get you? A nice outing with a pretty cupcake that is average. People enjoy average cupcakes all the time, in fact, its called average because most cupcakeries are. So- if you craving a cupcake, why not enjoy it in an elegant little boutique. BUT if you could go down the street to Georgetown Cupcakes-- I'd head there instead ;)

A bonus: Ninja was not with me in Boston, but had he-- Sweets Cupcakes sells Pupcakes! I have a special place in my heart to cupcakeries and bakeries that sell sweet treats to our furry, loved ones :) Brownie points to Sweet Cupcakes. 


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