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17 March 2013

Georgetown Cupcake Review

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Price: $2.75/Cupcake or $15/half a dozen or $29/dozen
Rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars

I am well aware that I am long overdue on some cupcakery reviews and should probably address them before I write this BUT--okay so do not judge me--but after getting my Nikon D5100, I have gotten so much more picky about the pictures that I post. The cupcakeries that I visited in NYC really need to be posted but they were taken with my iPhone and that makes me sad. I also hate when I have to take pictures of cupcake sin the nighttime but that happens like half the time I go to cupcakeries! Because we head there for an after dinner snack! I cant tell everyone- hey let me take these home, take pictures of them in the morning and then we can eat them ;) Though I do wish I could. So I may have a bias towards sharing cupcakery reviews that I took with my Nikon and that I took in the daytime!

Okay- so if you follow me at all, you probably are well aware that I just came back from Boston where I engaged in a 4 cupcakery crawl! Most were disappointing but one was a wonderful surprise and I decided to start there! Having watched the TLC show Georgetown Cupcakes--when I realized that there was  Georgetown Cupcakes in Boston I knew I just had to go and that is exactly where I went on Day 2 of Boston. They have a few locations across the country, so they are national! I went with Ashley and Mike. After Day 1 of disappointing cupcakes, we were not super hopeful for anything great. We ordered 3 different cupcakes (Red Velvet, Chocolate Ganache and Boston Creme--haha..just had to try that one!) at first and I got 2 to take home to the hubby (if you also follow me- you've probably realized that my "thing" with him is to bring him back cupcakes from wherever I go).

They cupcakes were so good that we may have decided to go back and get three more (2 peanut butter chocolate and 1 birthday cupcake).

The cupcakes are small but they are about $0.50 cheaper than other cupcakes, so I guess they make up for it that way. The Boston Creme was the "worse" one which is a stretch because it was still amazingly delicious. Which probably gives you some idea of how the others tasted. They all were moist and fluffy (I love moist fluffy cupcakes)- with the exception of birthday cake which was slightly dry on the edges. Georgetown is a great cupcakery because they bake their cupcakes at least twice a day and refuse to sell "morning" cupcakes in the afternoon to maintain the integrity of the cupcakes.

Although they look like they have very little frosting (some) the amount is just a perfect pairing for the cupcakes. For example, the peanut butter cupcake is filled so the frosting is minimal- to enjoy all the flavors. For the birthday cake- it has no filling and so there is more frosting. I hope that made sense. The frosting was great and so was the overall taste (with cake and frosting and all). There are an abundance of flavors that rotate on a daily basis--you can either look this up online or they provide menus. I love all the choices! They can be filled or not filled-- so it's what your heart desires! They were adorably decorated! Just like you would except cupcakery cupcakes to look like and the store itself was a cute cupcakery as well with Andy Warhol Cupcake Painting decoration to match! I just loved the vibe of this place! I just love cupcakeries- they are just made to be fancy :)

Their cupcake boxes are a simple pink box--nothing fancy nor printed on it- so I was a bit disappointed at that, because you know how I like my adorable boxes. But they do have these simple white to-go bags :) Although they hubby got to enjoy his cupcakes two days later- he still enjoyed them and said they tasted great. He loved the coconut more than the key lime--but again- its a battle of just which one is better out of good! So why the 4.75- two simple reasons: the box and the slightly dry birthday cupcake (either it was out too long, which I doubt, or we got one from a batch that was slightly overcooked).

Bottom line: if you live near Georgetown Cupcakes or travel to a location that hosts them- TRY IT! It'll put a smile on your face!


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