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05 March 2013

Sam's Club Gourmet Cupcake Review

Location: National
Price: $15.00/dozen or $4.99/4 cupcakes (seasonal)
Rating: 4.50 out of 5 stars

I love trying cupcakeries from all over- hoping one day- to have tried a cupcake in each state. But whenever I do that-I always feel bad for readers where the post does not apply. Though, I guess you could argue that- much like me- when you maybe happen to visit that area, you could try those cupcakes. However, most of the time, the review really only applies to people who live in the area. I mean, really- look at all the cupcakeries I have rated in College Station: I highly doubt people are just flocking to come here ;) But, nevertheless, it does help people who do live here. Or so I say to justify my cupcake addiction :)

Well, speaking on that- it always excites me to post cupcake reviews of National Chains. Because, then I am sure it applies to almost all readers :) Because there is a large chance that store is somewhere nearby. And there is national- where these cupcakeries are sprinkled around the U.S. but may not be in every state and then there is NATIONAL- where it is in every state- and almost every city. Today's cupcakery review is for Sam's Club-- this is NATIONAL. Normally, I am a Costco gal. But in College Station, there is no Costco :( The tragedy, yes I know! (On a side note: they also do not have Trader's Joes, it's awful). But- even having been to Costco- I am not sure they have gourmet cupcakes!

On a potluck dinner with Luke and Justin- they had gotten these cupcakes as a way to cheer me up and figured they would be quite enjoyable- as they were listed as "gourmet" and sold through the bakery and not just the dessert section. I was intrigued. I actually got to try all four variations: Red Velvet, Coconut, Carrot Cake and Chocolate, but the hubby and I may have eaten the first two before we took pictures of them :/ The horror! I know- this is very unlike me. In fact, the only reason, this happened, was because we ate them at night. And I have a huge pet peeve of taking pictures of food at night. Trust me--some cupcakeries- I just gave in and did it, but it makes me shudder! We packed the Carrot Cake and the Chocolate Cupcake to go- so I took pictures of them the next morning.

How were these bad boys? Delicious! First, they were jumbo- winning there :) Second you got about a dozen of these cupcakes for $15.00 or during Valentine's season they sell four for about $5.00. Making these little delicious yummies, only a $1.25. When in the world- do you get to have gourmet cupcakes for that price--NEVER! They offered some core basic flavors: Chocolate, Carrot, Red Velvet and Coconut (vanilla cupcake base). 

I often roll my eyes, thinking- really- "gourmet" cupcakes from a national chain like Sam's Club- give me a break. No seriously---give them a CHANCE! The cupcakes were moist (melt in your mouth moist) and fluffy- my ultimate favorite. They had just the right amount of frosting- not piled too high. And their frosting also, just melted in your mouth. Not the normal buttercream that tends to get hard around the edges because it's beginning to dry out. This frosting was soft from the start! They looked adorable- the red velvet with crushed cake garnish the coconut with a snowball look on top (since I do not have pictures of them...yet...I hope to go get these cupcakes again, and at $15, you can't got wrong). And to top it off- they just tasted fantastic. I mean- awesome! I would have these cupcakes over some other, so called cupcakeries, any day! And it's a national chain! 

The only drawback I could find for these cupcakes: was- yes- Sam's Club is not a cupcakery so do not expect your cupcakes to be packed in cute little boxes (but they are in a clear plastic box)--not really a drawback. The real drawback was, since their cupcakes are so yummy- you wish they offered more flavors, and dare I saw at least one filled option? To make my tummy dreams come true!? You can't make a delicious cupcake without people asking for more ;)

And since there is a Sam's Club almost everywhere- my bottom line to you is this: You will not go wrong- if you decide to eat those cupcakes. If you are on a budget and want a cupcakery style cupcake- got to Sam's Club- you get a lot of yummy cupcake without breaking the wallet :)


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