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02 March 2013

Dimples Cupcakes Review

Location: Dallas, Texas
Price: $4.00/cupcake
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I am way delayed on this review. But do you remember when I went to visit my sister in Kansas City this past Thanksgiving? Do you also remember how when we were driving back to College Station- we stopped in Dallas to enjoy some cupcakeries? And by "we"- it was me because the hubby got so sick, that I ended up driving the entire way home?!? Well one of the cupcakeries that I went to visit was Dimples Cupcakery. This cupcake boutique is located in a cute little, upscale area. Its store colors are bright, colorful and fun: pink, green, blue, yellow-- and polka dots.

Dimples cupcakery- offers eight different flavors which are rotated on a daily basis. Meaning that not all flavors are offered each day. They also sell cake pops. However, when I inquired about the cake pops the sales associate let me know that they do not sell these on a "regular basis." So I am not sure what that meant. I arrived at Dimples Cupakery in the evening- so the selection was limited. Normally- this would be a bummer, but I took this as a great sign. Why? Because great cupcakeries often run out of their flavors early.

When I went I was looking at the different cupcakeries that I could visit- I noticed that the cupcakeries in Dallas offered a "Wedding Cake" Cupcake. I was intrigued, because I've never heard of this flavor. Wedding Cake Cupcake? What would that even taste like? Luckily when I went to Dimples they still had the Wedding Cake Cupcake. I asked the sales associate before I ordered it- what was their most popular flavor. She immediately said the Wedding Cake Cupcake. I decided to go for it! And to get a Lemon Cupcake for the hubby (even though he could not eat it that day- I thought when he felt better, cupcakes would be a great way to celebrate).

The Wedding Cake Cupcake is a simple cupcake- a white cake topped with vanilla buttercream and creatively decorated. At first I wondered what was so special about that? and why in the world would this be so popular. After eating it I immediately knew why! I think that in this "cupcake" world we have today ;)... we get caught up in fancy, new types of cupcakes-- with different fillings and toppings--the works, you know? And that is all great- sometimes you just need a fancy designer cupcake. But sometimes going back to the basics is awesome! These cupcakes are jumbo, moist, fluffy, and topped with the perfect amount of frosting. Absolutely mouthwatering. The hubby enjoyed a Lemon Cupcake- a lemon cake topped with cream cheese frosting and garnished with lemon zest.

What's the downside? The menu says that the lemon cupcake would be topped with a candied lemon wedge. Sadly- there was no wedge- not a big deal- but I just am not a fan of advertising and posting pictures of cupcakes and then not following through. Another downside- although going back to the basics is fun, having some selection of filled cupcakes is always nice. And Dimples does not have any filled cupcake (but they do have creative flavors). Though it is nice to have a balance between basic and designer. Also- and this is small but I hate how their box looks. It's a pink- donut looking box with a Dimples sticker. I do not know why- but cupcakeries should have this cute boutique flare and cheap donut boxes does not live up to the standard.

Bottom Line: Between the hubby and I, we only got to try two flavors but we really enjoyed them. I wish they stuck to their menu more (actually offering cake pops when they say they have it and stick to how they say they decorate their cupcakes), had a classier looking box, and offered filled cupcakes. But those are all minor drawbacks and overall- I would highly recommend visiting this cupcakery, especially enjoying their Wedding Cake Cupcake- you just can't go wrong with that :) Sorry to be so nit picky Dimples!

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