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17 October 2012

Chicken Fried Rice

Check out my updated recipe: Chinese Fried Rice, Take 2

Today was a Chinese food kind of day. Why? Well I am not sure about you all but I eat Chinese Food-- well pretty much anytime--but especially when it has been a rough day. Remember when I shared that Ninja pulled a muscle in his leg and was doing a little resting? Unfortunately, I was very wrong and he did not pull a muscle. The love of my life, furry baby- tore is ACL and has a luxated patella (forgive me, if I did not spell that right). What do you think the odds are of both of those things happening. I luckily, have a aunt who is a vet, who got to explain (ie. vet "translate") to me all the things that were told by the vet, who looked over the x-rays (the miracles of iPhones and skype). But what was the conclusion at the end? Ninja needs some surgery :( A major surgery that takes 6-8 weeks of recovery time. He also cannot go up and down the stairs (and we live on the second floor- so the hubby has to carry him, because at 70 pounds, I cannot carry him), he cannot go to the dog park (which we pretty much have gone every day since he was 4 months old), and we need to minimize his overall movement (which playful Ninja does not understand).

I guess that is the most painful part. To see you little baby in pain and know that they have to have surgery. I promise to hold his little paw- the whole way through and take off any time- so that from the minute he wakes up to when he goes to bed- I will be there. And what is even more sad?! The vet told me that it is not a question of if Ninja gets arthiritis but when :( My poor, poor baby. So let's enjoy some Chinese food and let the sad sink in...shall we? I promise to be optimistic another day....

Check out my updated recipe: Chinese Fried Rice, Take 2

Adapted from Iowa Girl Eats


3 c. cooked rice
2 chicken breasts (diced and cooked)
2 tbsp. sesame oil
3 tbsp. garlic
1 bunch of green onions diced
1 bag of frozen veggies (peas, carrots. mine also had corn and green beans) (thawed)
7 eggs
3 tbsp. soy sauce


Prepare rice and chicken breasts- set aside. In a wok- heat oil and satuee garlic and onion when oil is heated- about one minute. Then heat frozen veggies- for about 2-3 minutes. Once cooked, add eggs (pour on top of veggies). Cook eggs- constantly breaking apart egg into pieces. Once eggs are cooked- remove from heat. Add in chicken and rice- toss until evenly distributed. Finally mix in soy sauce.

Check out my updated recipe: Chinese Fried Rice, Take 2



  1. Poor Ninja!! :( Give him a hug for me.

  2. Thanks Karen! I will definitely give him a hug for you! He loves hugs :)