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24 November 2012

Cupcakes A La Mode Review

Location: Kansas City
Price: $3.25/cupcake
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

This past Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving 2012)-- I went to visit my sister again in Kansas City, Missouri. Do not fret- next year-- I have asked her and the brother-in-law to come to College Station. Then I could work in my kitchen :) Isn't it odd that once you are out of your kitchen- it likes you are working in a whole other world? And you suddenly lose all your culinary skills? Anywhoo-- while there-- I of course asked her to take me to all the cupcakeries in town so could review them. I was horrified to find out that she only knew of ONE in the area! ONE?! How can there only be one? I mean, I live in College Station, Texas-- and there are at least 4 cupcakeries. I asked her how she did it--and of course, because she is my sister-- she said it was difficult ;) Yes, we are that addicted to cupcakes-- and all chocolatey sweets.

Cupcake A La Mode is located in an upscale shopping center known as the "Plaza." It is a cute area- with shopping, restaurants and bars. It's a small boutique with a pink, black and white theme. Extremely girly. I cannot imagine a male eating there, without out feeling the teeniest bit embarrassed. Do not get me wrong- I love all things girly but I think if I opened up a cupcakery ::crossing my fingers:: I would try not to make it so girly- so that my foodie audience would not just be limited to girls or guys that were forced to enter into a "pink place" with their girlfriends ;) I giggled a bit picturing the hubby and brother-in-law going in there without their wives, just to sit down and have a cupcake. They do have cute decorated bar chairs and a bar counter to eat on. I give points to cupcakeries with eating areas.

But the important question is how were the cupcakes? I got two cupcakes to share with my sister: Marshmallow Fondue (or S'More Cupcake as I call it) and Chocolate Obsession (the simple chocolate cupcake) and the hubby got Raspberry Lemonade. My cupcakes were good but nothing special. They were moist and the frosting ratio was good. But let's just say that I split the cupcake with my sister- only eating half- and that was enough for me. Which is sad to say for a cupcake- because a really good cupcake is worth eating- the type that you want to devour in a second and ALL of it. Both cupcakes--tasted like cupcakes anyone could make in their home.

The hubby really enjoyed his cupcake. He said it tasted really good. So maybe their chocolate cupcakes are just not as good as their vanilla ones? But on the plus side- their cupcakes are beautifully decorated, creatively named and filled :) Kudos for that. The cupcakes come in simple boxes with a Cupcake A La Mode Logo sticker on top.

Though I have to say briefly: the staff that was there that morning was a bit rude-- shoving my two cupcakes in a small box, ruining their pretty photogenic-ness...I was pretty annoyed.

Overall- it is your average cupcakery. If you need a cupcake fix-- you can go to Cupcake A La Mode-- you may or may not get blown away but at least its an average cupcake. And you might have better luck trying their vanilla cupcakes. Hence the 3.5 (I gave them half a point more than average since the hubby liked his cupcake).

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