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20 November 2012

The Guilt-full Sandwich

I am so excited that it is Tuesday! Because tomorrow I am taking off, bright and early to drive to Kansas City to visit my sister- we are going to a Batman Show and stuffing our faces with all the must-have places to eat in Kansas City- so I am excited. And worry not- as I plan to share my foodie adventure with you all :) Would I ever leave you out of a delicious cupcake? I think not.... I am ready to jet home, pack up (because the hubby is not to be trusted with packing, as he is many wonderful things but not mindful or a planner) and hit the road!

Today was a laid back type of day for me. I have about 1.5 hours to kill before teaching. I thought- what shall I do in this time. I have caught up on a lot of work- keep in mind a lot of work NOT all my work ;) but some procrastination is needed- it is only a fundamental characteristic of my personality that I dare not get rid of. I thought instead I would  post about a recipe I made this weekend for a sandwich. I do not think I have made a sandwich (other than a grilled cheese- which I have found a great grilled cheese sandwich recipe that I am just dying to make) and saw this- cue the instant drool. It was so delicious but soooo guilty looking. 

Well the brave hubby that I had was up for what I called the Heart attack sandwich and ate TWO up. Afterward, he shared with me that this sandwich was, sure, a Heart attack sandwich but what it really was but a guilt-full sandwich. He stated that there are many recipes claiming to be Guilt-less but this was the opposite, every bite filled with wonderful, delicious guilt ;) Ohh...Hubby- so I decided to steal that name. And there you have it! It is lunchtime and I say we all eat- and hopefully one day for lunch you shall make this and love every guilty bite :)

Adapted from Paula Deen 


(for two sandwiches)

2 pieces of bread (I think sourdough might be extra wonderful)
Butter (softened)
4 oz. cream cheese
Green onions (finely diced)
1/4 tsp. pepper
5 strips of bacon (cut in half)
2 large eggs
1 avocado (sliced)
1 tomato (sliced)


Spread butter on each side of bread. In skillet, atop stove top set to medium heat, brown both sides of bread- do this for all slices. Then in a separate bowl combine cream cheese, diced onion and pepper. Then spread the cream cheese mixture on one side of each bread slice. 

In skillet- after toasting bread- cook bacon- reserving oil (fat). Set bacon on paper towel to absorb fat. Using the reserved oil (fat) fry eggs (flip so both sides are cooked)- one at a time. Place each egg on one piece of toast each (one for each sandwich). Then, for each sandwich, top with bacon (5 mini strips each), followed by two tomato slices, and finally avocado slices (I placed 3 on each sandwich)- top with another piece of toast. 


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