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16 November 2012

Easy Coconut Chicken Curry

I really need to start ranting on For the Love of Dessert more often :) After having my little tirade, my week had an almost instantaneous turn around. I guess everyone needs a time to just rant about thier stressors and just be able to say and share it. There is something so therapeutic about expressing your feelings- even if it is not to who it is directed to. So thank you for that. I just get really annoyed, knowing that I am not being true to myself and what I think. Do not get me wrong- I do not think I perfect-- far far away from that-- but I do think that what I say is worthwhile to at least listen to and I do think that sometimes people are a bit shady but are in positions of power, where you cannot necessarily call them out on it.

So anywhoo...my week had this wonderful turn around :) I do have to admit that many, many hours of sleep were involved. But I felt happy and was actually able to be productive. I am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving this coming week, because I really could use the break. I get to visit my sister in Kansas City and the following week I am going to Columbus to visit my closest cousin. I am so excited! I have already been planning my foodie adventures with them- cookies, cupcakes, sushi....must visit them all in each city! Oh! I also got to spend some outdoor time with my sweet baby Ninja, which was also a nice change of pace.

I loved this recipe for Coconut Chicken Curry. The hubby loves coconut based curry and we have not had curry for awhile- so I knew we were long overdue for some curry. However, being busy on most days- I do not always have time to make the wonderful food that the hubby would like. But this time- I found this pretty awesome recipe for a crockpot Cocnut Chicken Curry. At first I was like, huh- could this be real? Can you really make chicken curry in the crockpot? So I was a bit hesistant but decided to try it out and I am glad I did :) Being Sri Lankan- I can say- I would probably make it more spicy but the hubby cannot handle too spicy, but it was a pretty darn good Coconut Chicken Curry (and super duper easy).

Adapted from Simple Bites


2 can of coconut milk
2.5 lbs of chicken (diced)
Family Size Green Giant Garden Medley Mix
2 tbsp. garlic
3 tbsp. butter
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
2 tbsp. curry powder
5 oz. Patak's Original Concentrated Curry paste
2 c. uncooked rice


In the pot of the slow cooker, combine all ingredients except for rice. I first spread out the chicken and vegetables. I then pour the coconut milk over the chicken and vegetables. Last I add all the seasoning ingredients- mixing well into the coconut milk to make sure its evenly distributed. Cook on high for 4 hours. In a rice cooker, cook 2 c. of rice, serve curry over rice.


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