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02 January 2013

Chorizo Paella

The holiday break is slowly drawing to close. And although I have indulged in the stress-free and relaxing stay-cation, I am realizing that I need to start getting back into the swing of things. Task one that I needed to cross off my list was to design and order Thank-you post cards for the wedding. Okay, yes the wedding was this past June and yes I am a bit delayed BUT I only got my photographs this past month. And in all fairness I was wrapping up the semester and playing catch up from being sick. And when the holiday started, I just needed a break. But now- thank you's it is. I wanted a "thank-you" postcard because I really enjoy the look of them. Task one- complete!

Also- the ending of my break is probably the ending of me being able to cook and bake so frequently :( Back to secretly wanting to open up a bakery ;) Today I made one of the hubby and my favorite recipes (I guess it'll be saved for my 2013 favorites)- Chorizo Paella. Now- before you get all picky on me- no...this is not the traditional paella. For those of you who do not know- paella is a Spanish rice dish traditionally made with saffron and peas but has many meat versions- chicken, seafood, etc. 

The first time I tried it was Tapas style in Washington D.C. I really enjoyed it! I did not make a traditional paella. I did not use saffron because I do not have it in my pantry and I did not use peas because the hubby and I hate peas. So why then a paella? Well, truthfully, it is probably not  paella- but since it is a paella dish that inspired me--that is what the hubby and I call it. It is a simple, hearty, 30 minute meal to make-- no fuss (though probably not the healthiest). 

A For the Love of Dessert Original Recipe


2 c. of uncooked rice
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp. garlic*
2/3 c. onion
1- 14 oz. frozen bag of three pepper blend, thawed**
2 c. of corn 
1- 15.25 oz. can of black beans
3- 10 oz. tubes of Chorizo (pork)
Salt to taste

**You can use fresh bell peppers- just cut them into strips


In a rice cooker- combine 2 c. of uncooked rice-- my favorite are Jasmine or Basmati rice-- and 3.5 c. of water. Set rice cooker to cook. 

In a large skillet or wok, heat olive oil over medium-high heat until hot. Add garlic and onions and saute until golden brown- about 2 minutes. Then combine with bell peppers- toss well to give a nice crisp to bell peppers-- cook for an additional 3 minutes. Since the peppers are frozen you do not want them to become soggy. Stir in corn and black beans-- cooking for approximately 2-3 minutes until warmed. 

Once vegetables are sauteed- reduce heat to medium and squeeze out casing of Chorizo into skillet. Break the Chorizo apart by pushing down and stirring at the same time. It should begin to look less "solid." Cook the Chorizo for 15 minutes or until brown in color- constantly stirring. Then allow to simmer on low for an additional 5 minutes. This may be hard as Chorizo is usually a vibrant red-- but you should notice that it begins to brown. 

In a large pot (not on stove top) pour in Chorizo blend. Add one cup of rice at a time- stirring to incorporate rice and Chorizo. Then add in second cup of rice and continue stirring- rice should be nicely coated with Chorizo mixture and appear reddish in hue. 


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