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01 June 2012

Candy Bar Bouquet

So I did it again...but this time I did warn you...that I would probably be MIA. This pattern will continue at least till the end of June. I cannnot believe its June ...and to think that on June 30th- I am going to be MARRIED- blows my mind. But I am so excited!

I did a little crafty baking things this month. But this post requires no baking! Its more of a craft but its just too cute to not share. So for those of you who follow my blog more closely, know that I made a Cookie Bouquet and it was fun! Well, I was scanning the web one day and stumbled upon a candy bar bouquet and thought how awesome is that?

Well yesterday the department head of psychology retired after 32 years at Texas A&M University. Can you believe being somewhere for 32 years- that is just remarkable. Our department head was amazing- so caring towards graduate students, which is not always the case and I just thought he was great because one of his passions is....CHOCOLATE! I thought- what a perfect opportunity to make this candy bar bouquet. He's a guy, so he is not going to want flowers but he just may appreciate a candy bar bouquet. So I decided to go for it! Here it is (and I have to say, it was super fun making it and a big hit):

My first candy bar bouquet. Notice the vase is also candy bars.

Materials for the Candy Bar Bouquet

Adapted from Dollar Store Crafts

Vase (you could be creative and re-use things around the house). I chose to use a glass square shapped vace, to give better surface area for the giant Hershey bars to stick.
Flower foam block
Barbeque skewers (wooden)
Tissue paper
Paper shreds
4 large Hershey bars (may need to adjust amount based on size of vase)
6 packs of mini- candy bars (any type that is your favorite)
Wide ribbon


Tape each mini candy bar to the top of a wooden skewer (non-pointy side), make sure the tape is secure. Cut a piece of the flower foam block to nicely fit into your vase and place tissue paper above it (and decoratively adjust it). Arrange mini candy bars in the vase and plase paper shreds in the vase to cover the foam block. Glue (if you use hot glue, be sure not to put too much, because you do not want to melt the chocolate) the large Hershey bars to the sides of the vase. Tie ribbon around vase and make a bow :)


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