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25 May 2012

More Cupcakes Review

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Price: $3.50-$4.50 per cupcake (dependent on price)
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The same conference that took me to Washington, D.C. was hosted in Chicago (a city that I just adore) and the same friend that I would stay with in D.C. is now in Chicago, so I think it was just mean to be for me to visit :) Well of course, during our down time, we decided to visit a cupcakery. Being a major city and since I was staying downtown, the abundance of cupcakery choices was awesome. However, I eliminated those cupcake stores that I could get in Houston or Los Angeles, such as Sprinkles.

Cupcake Display. Note the large ones on top.
And the "More" cupcakes on the bottom left.

That brought us to More Cupcakes. It's a small store, with no seating area inside or even outside. Unlike other stores that just have a few choices available each day, with flavors rotating across the week- More had many choices available, which left me excited as to which cupcake I would choose. They have filled cupcakes, large rounded cupcakes and creative flavors. When I went they had about 20 different flavors!!! And they have an app for smart phones if you would like to know their menu and order in advance.

More cupcakes are packaged in cute little Chinese takeout boxes.
And placed is adorable plastic bags for you.

Their famous "More Cupcake" is a play on the Hostess Cupcakes- a chocolate cake with white cream filling. Although it was their trademark, I had to try something more creative. If I wanted a More Cupcake, I think I'd just get a Hostess Cupcake. The price of these cupcakes are more than other stores- so I guess you could say you are paying for those choices, but $0.25-$1.25 for some pretty cool cupcakes- can't turn that down. Though the staff was a bit disappointing due to their lack of friendliness.

Hazelnut Cupcake topped with a Tofee Brittle

I decided to go for the Hazelnut Nutella Cupcake and for the fiance, who is a bit more adventurous, I chose, Maple Bacon. As I bit into the Hazelnut Nutella Cupcake, I just knew I was in heaven. It was mouthwatering. The cupcake was a moist chocolate cake filled with Nutella (or a Hazelnut spread), covered with a chocolate ganache frosting and topped with a delicious toffee hazelnut chip. Mmmmm... If you are planning to visit Chicago- which you should because it's a fun city to visit- swing by More Cupcakes.


Maple Bacon

I obviously rated it a strong 4.5 stars, due to its wonderful taste, moistness, and perfect cupcake to frosting ratio. The look was adorable yet simple. So why the minus -0.5? Well two reasons (1) overall look for some were fantastic (like my cupcake) or the cookies and cream but others looked sloppy and as it were sitting out too long (definitely a cupcake turn off) and (2) the fiance did not enjoy his maple bacon cupcake, which says a lot as he likes almost anything. But again, since I did not personally taste the cupcake, I cannot give to much weight to his opinion in scoring More Cupcakes. His comment for the curious critters out there is that it was too strongly bacon and very little maple/sweetness. And I do have to say that my fiance maybe on to something because they Yelp Review is at 3.5 stars. I might have just picked a winner in the Nutella Cupcake.

Me enjoying my More Cupcake


  1. If you are ever in Chicago again, a really good cupcake shop that i love is Molly's Cupcakes!

    1. Hi Maddie! OMG I heard about that place and when I came back to Chicago, I tried to find it but couldn't! There is always next time! And this will definitely be a place for me to go!