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13 June 2012

Juliette's Bakery Cupcakes Review

Location: La Quinta, CA
Price: $2.00-$3.00 (depending on type of cupcake)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Only three weeks before my wedding- another conference took me to La Quinta, California. In my down time, I decided I must find a cupcakery and make a visit. Well sadly, there was just one cupcakery- Juliette's Bakery. Not so much a cupkaery as a general bakery but they did sell cupcakes. What can I say? I took what I could find and I am glad I did. It's a cute little bakery within a shopping center that appears to make an abundance of desserts- tarts, pies, bars, cakes (and special order cakes), and most importantly, cupcakes! While there I got a few cupcakes, bu tonly tried a small sliver of each cupcake so I would not pack on the pounds ;) Because, hey, how could I pass up cupcakes? I'm doing it for the good of my blog readers :) They do not have a "Juliette's Bakery" cupcake specialty. And sadly, they do not have any filled cupcakes- so it's a no go for my sister.

Juliette's Bakery Cupcakes are packed in simple clear plastic containers.

As you can see the cupcakes are boxed in a clear plastic, cupcake holders. However, they do place small, mailing label stickers with Juliette's Bakery information. The cupcakes are simple, beautifully frosted with a swirl and then topped with sprinkles or coconut flakes. As I've attempted to become a reviewer of cupcakeries, I have come to the realization that I am a huge Red Velvet fan. Accordingly, the first cupcake I wanted to try from Juliette's Baker was Red Velvet. As I bit into the cupcake, I just knew I'd be a fan of this bakery. The cupcake was moist, melted in your mouth and had a pretty good ratio of frosting to cupcake. Though I do have to say, I could have been more content with a little less frosting. However, I will not complain because that cupcake was delicious. One of the best red velvet cupcakes I've had! And to show for it- I did not stick to my wonderful bridal diet for this cupcake. I ate the whole thing!

Red Velvet

Double Chocolate

I bought the chocolate cupcake for my sister and dad but when I came home, she had taken a girl's trip with her friends (since she was visiting from Kansas City but came out early for my wedding too) and the other cupcake went faster than I could blink. I tasted just a sliver of the cupcake, and while it was moist and had a nice buttercream- it did not blow me away like the red velvet, and suffice it to say- it was just a normal cupcake. Similar was the carrot cake cupcake- though I thought it was a bit better. Mainly, the cream cheese frosting was delightful. The carrot cake: so-so and the cake slightly on the dry side, but not by too much. However, it could be that I did not eat these cupcakes the day I purchased them but the day after. But I have to say: I find it very important that cupcakes are able to stay moist beyond the day they were purchased. The coconut cupcake, I did not try becuse before I could try it- it was eaten up. My sister-in-law shared that it tasted "good" but I'm not sure what good entails- so I'll leave future visitors to Juliette's Bakery to judge for themselves.

Carrot Cupcake

Coconut Cupcake

So why the 3.5 rating? Well its clear that I adored the Red Velvet and if I based my entire rating on this one cupcake (which I've done for other cupcakeries and which I’m trying to change), Juliette's Bakery would have easily got a 5. And they do also have generally moist cupcakes, delightful buttercream frosting and a good ratio of frosting to cupcake (though the red velvet could have had a little less cream cheese frosting, but it was too much of an issue). However, with all this going for Juliette's, not all their buttercream frosting blew me away and although the cupcakes were moist- they did not stay this way for long. And although a good ratio of frosting to cupcake- I probably would have been happy with less. Looking at Yelp- Im pretty in line with the 12 reviewers, thus far, having a slightly lower rating BUT I do have to say that on my part, my review focused only on cupcakes, while the Yelp reviews focused on the bakery as a whole. Bottom line: if you happen to be in La Quinta, CA give Juliette's Bakery a try and if you can choose the Red Velvet!

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