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11 June 2012

Cold Stone Creamery Cupcakes Review

Location: Available Across the U.S.
Prices: 12.99 per 6 pack of cupcakes (price may vary by location)
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

So my next stop while visiting La Quinta, CA was Cold Stone Creamery to try their ice cream cupcakes. My sister first tried these cupcakes and told me they were a must try. So to Cold Stone Creamery I went and I bought the 6 pack of cupcakes to share with the fellow graduate students in my lab. They are stored along with the ice cream cakes and in pack of one flavor or mixed flavor. The 6 pack included the following three flavors: chocolate devotion, cake batter deluxe, and sweet cream (the bottom pictures were taken from the Cold Stone Website, because I don’t think my pictures were as good and they show the filling).

I tried each of these cupcakes. Of course beginning with chocolate devotion, because how can you not start with chocolate! I let them thaw out a bit because I like my ice cream soft served and the cake moist. The chocolate devotion was good, at best. As for sweet cream and cake batter- well it only got worse. The frosting was overpowering. It was not a whipped cream frosting like I thought but actual buttercream which did not go well with the ice cream. The ice cream was good- typical Cold Stone's Ice Cream. The cake was not moist, but not dry and the flavors did not stand at all. Which was a disappointment because I just adore ice cream cake (ie. not cake made of ice cream but actual cake mixed with ice cream- my favorite being Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake). The fudge at the bottom would have been great, if I actually got to taste it! I mean- I love fudge- like the fudge you get at the bottom of drumstick ice cream cones but this...this was NOTHING...such a disappointment. I could not eat the Belgian cup. The chocolate was not rich and quite dull, so I was not going to waste my calories on that! :)

So with an overall crappy review, why even give them a two? Well, even though it’s not a factor in my review I had to give them points for a creative idea. I mean who would have think to have an ice cream cupcake. Also, the ice cream was good- which I guess is an ode to Cold Stones cupcakes. As for the frosting (which I wished there was none because it was so awful!), the cake and the cup-it was sooo bad. I’m not sure why my sister would like them but I thought there was such a waste of a great idea. My bottom line: if you are at Cold Stone's Creamery- sit down and enjoy yourself some ice cream. If you thinking of spending the $12.99 on ice cream cupcakes for yourself or your family- save the money and go to an actual cupcakery :) Sorry Cold Stone's- I enjoy your ice cream greatly but your cupcakes fall way short.

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