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29 June 2012

La Creme Bakery Cupcakes Review

Location: Woodland Hills, California
Rating: 4 out of 5
Prices: $2.00-$3.00 (depending on the type of cupcake)

This lovely bakery is the is also the bakery that made my wedding cake- so I guess you could say that I have very fond feelings for La Creme. Similar to Juliette's Bakery- it makes not only cupcakes but a plethora of other desserts (cookies, bars, tarts, petit fours, and specialty cake of course! Well I had to stop by to make th final payment for my wedding cake and drop off some fresh flowers for the cake. After a long day of driving around Los Angeles with my sister and cousin doing random errands for the wedding, we were hungry and definitely in need of a happy treat. Being that they are all related to me- they of course enjoy cupcakes as much as I do! 

Red Velvet

So, I decided to pick some up so we could enjoy them on our way home. I got lemon for the hubster (though I do not have a pictures because he ate it before I had the chance ;) ), as well as Red Velvet (of course), German Chocolate and Double Chocolate. They had many more, but none that I were to keen to taste (but if you are a raspberry fan you may be interested to know that they have something for you). And much to my sister's happiness, La Creme has filled cupcakes! After finding out they were filled- we waited to eat them until we got home so I could cut them and take pictures for you all. Isn't my family so understanding?!

German Chocolate


I clearly rated La Creme Bakery very well. Its quite obvious by now that to get a 4 star rating from me or higher, requires some good cupcake making. Their cupcakes are moist, adorably decorated, have a wonderful cupcake to frosting ratio and they are filled (so bonus points to them). These cupcakes just melt in your mouth. And if I at the time my wedding wasn't the next day, I would have easily stuffed my face. The problem was I was getting married, so little pieces were all I had. So why a 4 and not a perfect score.

Double Chocolate


Well, the cupcakes are packed in simple plastic containers, so no creativity for them. I thought I would not care how they came as long as they were yummy and to the most part I have to say that is true, but after visiting a few, I like a little anticipation in feeling like I have this gift box to open and there awaits a delicious treat. The clear plastic box, gives that way. Also- though the German chocolate was beautiful and filled- the amount of frosting and the filling (which was the exact same as the frosting) was way too overpowering for my taste. I lost the taste of the cake- it just felt like eating a blob of frosting. If you like that, then hey that’s a plus! Bottom line: if you are in Woodland Hills and are craving something sweet (or even if you are not)- check out La Creme Bakery :) You will not be sorry!

Which my wedding cake not only looked amazing but tasted amazing. In fact out of four large tiers for 150 people- it was almost entirely gone. And for those of you who are curious: I got a butter cream frosted cake with a layer of chocolate filled with cookies and cream (taste as wonderful as it sounds), vanilla filled with strawberry, marble cake filled with fudge and vanilla filled with lemon (duh! the top tier was a hubster pick).

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