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23 February 2013

Skinny Jalapeno-Cream Cheese Wontons

Were you guys a big fan of "Boys Meets World"? I was! A huge fan. I have watched every single episode. Well rumor has it ;) that they are coming out with a "Girl Meets World." And this time the parents would be Cory and Topanga! How cool is that! I know that I am well into my twenties, but there is something so nostalgic about that show. Though I have to say, that I have been watching the MTV2 re-runs of "Boys Meets World" and realized how corny the show is I knew it was a bit dorky when I watched the show the first time around, but I did not realize just how corny and cliched it was. BUT I still very much enjoy watching the series! Can't wait for this new show!

Not only have I been on a S'More kick lately but I have also been on a Jalapeño Popper or Jalapeno-Cream Cheese kick too! I made a fried version of these Jalapeño-Cream Cheese Wontons awhile ago when I had invited Justin and Luke to come over for dinner to see our newly decorated place. Well, I had poorly planned my time and by the time I finished making everything- it was late at night. I tried to photograph the wontons but there is something about non-natural lighting that made the food look so ugly :( 

So I decided I would just try to make this yummy little appetizer again, but this time try to make them a bit more healthy by baking them instead of frying them. I am not usually one for attempting to make things "skinny" but I am definitely trying. I made a few modifications to this recipe so that I could make it as healthy as I could. And both the hubby and I really enjoyed them! These wontons were pretty easy to make and put together. The frying was a bit tricky, but baking them makes the process a lot easier and healthier. Nothing better than less-guilty food ;) Can't say it is completely guilt-less--I mean it is filled with cream cheese isn't it? 

Adapted from All Recipes


Preheat Oven to 400F Degrees

8oz. package of fat-free cream cheese
1 c. shredded 2% mozzarella cheese 
4 oz. can of diced jalapeño peppers (reserving 3 tbsp. of juice)
1 tbsp. garlic
3 green onions, diced
16 oz. package of wonton wrappers


In a large bowl, mix all ingredients using a spatula (except wonton wrappers) together- cream cheese, shredded cheese, diced jalapeño peppers (plus juice), garlic, and green onions. *The jalapeño juice will add a nice distinct jalapeño flavor to the filling. 

In a small cup or bowl- fill with warm water. Holding the wonton in a diamond shape in your hand, scoop one generous tablespoon of cream cheese mixture into the middle of the wonton. Then dip your finger in the water and lightly outline the "top" triangle border of the wonton wrapper. Then fold the bottom triangle portion of the wonton paper up-and over the top portion. Pinch the border of the wonton to tightly seal the wonton. 

Sometimes when sealing one side, the cream cheese mixture will push out on the other-- if that happens just use your finger to push the cream cheese back into the wonton, and slowly seal the other side. Repeat, until entire meat mixture is used. Make sure to tightly pinch edges down so prevent opening during baking.

Bake for 8-10 minutes, until wonton edges turn slightly golden brown. Once done, dust the flour of the wontons (my pictures still show the flour- I forgot to dust it off before taking pictures :/). 



  1. Replies
    1. They were quite delicious :) And one of the easiest things to make!

  2. im not a low fat person so im gonna make these with reg. cream cheese and whole milk mozzarella. i might try to fry them too since its for a bunch of men lol

    1. Hi Anonymous! hahahah! Yes when feeding grown mean -- low fat anything never seems to work. I love fried wontons ::sigh:: How did it turn out? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. In some desi languages, these are shaped as the recipe named as "samosas".meet and greet heathrow