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11 February 2013

BCS Chocolate Gallery Cupcakes

Location: Bryan, Texas
Price: $3.50/classic cupcake, $4.50/designer cupcake
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I tried this cupcakery about two weeks ago now. It recently opened up in Downtown Bryan--I guess one of the "hip" places in the College Station/Bryan Area to go to. Now, being from College Station--I have hardly ventured to the Bryan Side, only to visit Justin and Luke. But I heard about the owners of this Chocolate Gallery and I knew I just needed to try it. And since I heard this from the grapevine--do not take this for truth--but I believe the owners are a husband wife team.

The husband a classically trained chocolatier and the wife (Cenna--who makes the cupcakes) a trained pastry chef/baker. Well, with all that fancy training, I was drying to try this place. So of course I called Justin and Luke along with the hubby and we all met up there. The place is mouthwatering when you enter. Displays of fine chocolate of all different sorts and also one display of cupcakes and a display of baked goods.

You are probably thinking that I headed straight to the cupcake display BUT I did NOT. Yes- surprising, that was how good the chocolates were. I ended up first getting two cake truffles (chocolate ball filled with cake batter-- I got red velvet and chocolate). I next headed to the cupcake display where Justin and I both made the decision to get the Tiramisu (I also got the Confetti Cupcake) while the hubby and Luke went straight for the--as I call it--Snickers cupcake (i.e., the Chocoalte Caramel Peanut Cupcake).

All their cupcakes are Jumbo (which is my favorite, since I am not a fan of paying over $3.00 for a cupcake only to get a teeny little thing). Cenna offfers two different types of cupcakes-- Classic and Designer. The classic cupcakes are not filled, basic (i.e., red velvet, chocolate) and cost less, whereas the designer cupcakes are filled, fancy (i.e, s'mores, rocky road) and cost more. Trust me, the dollar more for a designer cupcake is well worth it-- either way you go, you will get your money's worth. I loved both my classic (Confetti) and my designer (Tiramisu). Both types of cupcakes are topped with a mound of icing and amazingly decorated. I loved photographing these cupcakes!

Blah, Blah...what about the taste right? (though to be trutful, looks count for a big chunk of what people decide to try). But the taste--drum roll--is to die for! Everyone loved their cupcake! Each cupcake was wonderfully moist--even the Confetti Cupcake which I ate a day later (side note: their cupcakes come in these adorable brown boxes with a see-through section so you know what yumminess your getting). Both the cake and the frosting melted in your mouth!

What about the filled cupcakes? The Tirmisu was soaked in coffee with that wonderful liquid layer on the bottom, filled with a sweet marscapone filling and topped with a vanilla buttercream and garnished with cocoa powder. MMMM-MMMMM....good. The Snickers cupcakes was a Devil's food cake filled with a sweet caramel and topped with a chocolate cream cheese frosting and garnished with a Snicker. Eating just one cupcake had us all, happy and full, with a big grin on our face :)

So whats my bottom line: I LOVE this place. I thought they had a lot of frosting, but it's not the worst problem to have--and savig some to eat later is a great idea. Also the hubby, Justin and Luke loved how much frosting there was. But, and really its there fault, I wish they offered more flavors in one day. I wanted to try everything! And if they did not make their cupcakes so dang delicious, we would not be in this predicament would we?! But there was no menu to be found on what cupcakes they offered.

EAT BCS CHOCOLATE GALLERY CUPCAKES!!!! Hands down one of the best places I have been to EVER! My first perfect 5 :)


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