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23 February 2013

Crush Cupcakes Review

Location: College Station, Texas
Price: $2.75/cupcake
Rating: 0 out of 5 stars

When getting ready to host applicants during our annual interview process, I took about a two hour break to enjoy some cupcake time with Justin and Luke. Sadly the hubby could not join us because he had to work. But after reading this review-- you will soon find out it was not so sad for him as it was for us. Anywhoo, shopping around got me tired and I am always in need of some nice, quality friendship time :) And I have to say Justin and Luke, I think, are getting used to me carrying around my big camera and taking pictures of everything before eating. I have pretty awesome friends, because they are so patient with me! Good blog friends ;)

Before we knew how awful this place was... :(

Well- let's get to the review. I have tried a ton of cupcakes from Crush. My advisor likes to pick up cupcakes from Crush for Birthdays and Celebrations. In addition to the ones pictured below: I have tried snickerdoodle, vanilla, oreo and red velvet. So I think that I have quite the basis for reviewing their cupcakes. 

What do I think about them? I HATE THIS PLACE. Now, yes, "hate" is a strong word- but I have very strong--negative-- feelings towards this place. It is a complete and profound rip off! It makes me disgusted to know that this place is still in business! I feel so bad for the people living in College Station, who think this place is even close to acceptable. They need to try the other places located in College Station and Bryan. Truly and utterly DISGUSTING! And I was not the only one that thought so. Luke thought this place was "gross." I have heard similar feelings from my labmate and the hubby who thought it was okay.

Why such a harsh review? Although it appears to be cheaper than your average cupcakery they not only taste horrible, but they are also teeny. Not even tiny! They are smaller than normal cupcakes I could make in my home! I KNOW I can make better cupcakes in my home and they would be bigger. I am horrified by cupcakeries that do not use larger size cupcake trays. This cupcake is not a deal. AND, not only do you get this tiny little, so called cupcake, they are horribly dry! You cannot even try to eat them without drinking water or some other drink. And maybe this is a tactic because they are located in conjunction with a coffee shop. Also, they just taste bad. The raspberry filling in their chocolate raspberry cupcake, made Luke want to vomit. And their chocolate cupcake was the most underwhelming thing I have tasted. Isn't that a skill to ruin chocolate. I mean how can you ruin chocolate- well Crush sure figured it out! 

Yes, I gave them a 0. I probably would have given them a negative score, except for two slightly redeeming qualities: (1) they have a good frosting to cupcake ratio- although both the cupcake and frosting taste disgusting and (2) they do appear to be pretty- though ridiculously too small--and come in this adorable teal box. That saved them from a negative score. Even if you are dying for a cupcake--do not try this place. Save your self some money and heartache-- and make boxed cupcakes using container frosting--and you will be far more pleased with the end result. THIS PLACE IS AWFUL! If you are reading this- and you actually think they are okay--try the other cupcakeries in the area! If you are new to the area, avoid this place! So in the end, the hubby lucked out by not trying this place!

Oh- and they do not post which cupcakes they offer each day. Only the different cupcakes they offer. LAME!

Enjoy (actually do not enjoy),

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