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21 August 2012

Cupcakes Couture Review

Location: College Station, Texas
Price: $3.25/cupcake
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I completed my preliminary exams and proposed my dissertation- which officially made me a doctoral candidate :) Yes, very, very exciting! The hubby, of course knowing me well, brought me home some cupcakes so that I we could celebrate! I need to go on a quick tangent: when I first moved to College Station, one of the first things I noticed was that there were no cupcakeries in town (that I knew of). Although sad, this was quite exciting for me-- because I really thought...hmmm..maybe I could open up a cupcakery, especially since there appears to be a "need" here- because really, who does not need cupcakes?! 

Sadly, the fall after my first year here- I found out about a cupcakery that had recently opened: Cupcakes Couture. Well--flash forward to the summer when I proposed my dissertation-- the hubby remembered about this cupcakery and thought it was about time we tried it. Now you are probably wondering why in the world had I not tried it earlier? Well- truthfully I was just a bitter bug and dork--and felt like they "stole" my idea of opening up a cupcakery in College Station. And so I went on a cupcake strike ;) [Do not worry- it did not last long]

Cupcake Couture is located on a some-what major street in College Station, but is a small boutique that is easy to miss. This is not a con- I LOVE places like this. They have a cute Tiffany's Teal Color Theme and no specific logo. They have a variety of flavors but only select flavors are available each day- quite typical of many cupcakeries. Their cupcakes are beautifully decorated, not sloppy in the least bit and I really enjoy their cupcake to frosting ratio. That's about it for the good...

I am all for rotating flavors, but what annoys me is that usually these cupcakeries have a website which tells you what they serve on each day. Cupcake Couture does not have a website and so it is like a crap-shoot on what flavors they are offering each day and really what flavors they offer in general. And I am not a regular to know their menu that well. If you have a rotating menu-- that is fine-- but have a website where people can look it up! Which reminds me- since they have no "menu" I have no idea if any of their cupcakes are filled :(

We tried: Red Velvet, Chocolate, Caramel and Cookies n' Cream (Oreo). 

As for the cupakes- they are small, flat and lack moisture :/ To be honest, just by looking at them, the cupcakes look a bit on the dry side. I talked to someone about Cupcakes Couture and they said the same thing! I should clarify on what we both thought- if you buy the cupcakes and eat them the same day- they are not bad and seem "moist-enough" (which is not the best but not awful) but if you wait to eat them, even just a day-- its like all the moisture vanishes. And to a certain extent this is normal in cupcakes, but theirs is just so dry and I think its because they make their cupcakes just "moist-enough" in the first place. 

My bottom line: this is a "eh" cupcakery and if I have a really strong craving and this was the only place open- I would get cupcakes from here. And they are pretty in pictures ;) BUT if I had the time and although not tons better- I would rather go to BCS Chocolate Gallery and then Cake Junkie (any day) before I go to Cupcakes Couture. But I would rather go to Cupcakes Couture than Crush Cupcakery anytime! If you are from College Station and enjoy Cupcakes Couture-- we have go to show you a real cupcakery :) 

And since I basically described Cupcakes Couture as a almost but not close last resort in the area--a slight below 3rd place--and edible- I felt a good description would be "slightly below average"-- hence the 2.75 3 star rating. Why that specific- I really compared all the BCS cupcakeries against each other and used these ratings as almost a ranking system (if that made sense :) and that's how I got 2.75 3.

Update: I recently tried their peanut butter chocolate cupcake and I really enjoyed it! And so...I am going to keep my mind open about Cupcakes Couture and will try more-for now I bumped up their score to 3 as I prefer their cupcakes just as much as Cake Junkie (though with Cake Junkie you get way more cupcake for the $)

Updated: Cupcakes Couture now sells cake balls. I went and purchased a chocolate, red velvet, snickerdoodle, and vanilla cake balls for a potluck dinner with Justin and Luke. They were beyond DISGUSTING! DO NOT TRY THEIR CAKE BALLS! They were grainy and did not taste how thye were supposed to. 

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  1. Try sweetpeas cakes and cupcakes!! Awesome!! 910-391-4643