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03 January 2016

Victoria Secret Bachelorette Cake

My one bestie Stephanie got married June 27th, 2015. She was a stunning bride and it was a beautiful beach wedding!

The new fad that I noticed on Pinterest, is to have a bachelorette photoshoot. So for a present -- Paulina and I gave Stephanie a signature frame (you know those frames people can sign and in the center is the picture?) -- but I had each girl kiss the frame with their favorite lipstick and sign their name. We then had a clue that said "what will we fill this picture with." I searched on Groupon for deals on photoshoots. I found Tomi - Photo Crew. For $39 I got a 1 hour photoshoot. Not only was he punctual, but he took great photos and we got digital photos within 48 hours! I highly recommend him.

Paulina and I also hosted the traditional "party" in our hotel room where we decorated the room, had delicious food to enjoy, hung up her lingerie and had different games planned. As part of the food, I wanted to make Steph a bachelorette cake. And with the help of my sister-in-law, I made this Victoria Secret Cake -- after all what better inspiration for a bachelorette party than THE lingerie store, right?!? So here is my second ever fondant cake.


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