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10 May 2015

Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix + Review

Check out my review of Puppy Cakes cakes mixes to make either a cake or pupcakes! As well as my review of their Carob Chip Cookie Mix!

Along with the Carob Chip Cookies, I was sent Puppy Scoops Ice Cream vanilla flavor to review. I was really excited to make this because Ninja is a huge fan of frozen yogurt and I knew he would love ice cream just as much. He has had it once before, he got a free tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream at Dairy Queen. However, when we gave him fro-yo from a store -- he vomited so we have stuck to things I make for him. So I am glad there is a dog-friendly ice cream I can make at home!

The first thing I noticed about the ice cream is it smelled amazing. And that says a lot because I am a huge chocolate person (though if the vanilla smelled this good can you imagine how the carob smells?) ... but yes smelled so good! Puppy Scoops comes in 4 different flavors: Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Maple Bacon and Carob as well. I am definitely going to try all these flavors out for Ninja. Perfect summer time treat to cool off after coming home from the dog park. The ice cream lasted for 5 days. Each day I gave Ninja 2 generous spoon fulls.

I tried to distract Ninja with toys but he soon got bored  but was a sweet boy and waited patiently while I made the ice cream. The ice cream pint comes with a baggie full of powder. Just dump the powder out in the container and add 2/3 cup hot water and stir. Even after stirring you will have little clumps, but that is okay! Freeze for at least 5 hours and voila -- you got yourself some ice cream.

Once it froze, I followed the suggestions to let it thaw for about 10 minutes and then serve. It was nice and creamy for Ninja to enjoy :) And well, you can easily see from the pictures that he loved it. Another paw-up for Puppy Cakes from Ninja!

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You can buy these products either from the Puppy Cake website or from Amazon!

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  1. These don't say the calories count!!! And they don't test them because they're "not required to." Please boycott until we know what we're feeding our pets! Don't kill your pet with kindness! You can't fight the obesity crisis in pets if you don't know the calories in what you're feeding them! I wrote a lengthy review which got lost when I try to post. This was the basic message.