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14 April 2015

Puppy Cake Pupcakes + Review

First off, HAPPY TAMIL NEW YEAR :) I hope this year is mixed with happiness and long awaited dreams come true sprinkled with lots of laughter and love!

This is part 2 to my Puppy Cake + Review post (click here for part 1). In addition to Carob, Puppy Cake also makes Red Velvet, Banana, Pumpkin, and Peanut Butter. You are probably thinking what I did when I saw the list of flavors which is RED VELVET FOR DOGS?!? Its not really red velvet as it is dyed with beets. I, of course, bought almost all the flavors (Peanut Butter was not eligible for prime shipping on Amazon, so it was the only flavor I did not get).

What good is a birthday without a birthday paw-tay?!? I wanted to throw Ninja a party at the park because not only was he turning the Big 5 but it would be his last birthday here before we move. Ninja loves the dog park we go to. We have tried other dog parks but Ninja will not interact or play -- he has to go this THIS dog park. I have been taking him to the same dog park, everyday (minus a few days here and there), since he was 4 months. And we have made a great group of friends, furry and human :) It is going to be really hard for us to leave them behind.

Just like the carob mix -- I really enjoyed the mixes, but did not use the frosting. Each mix has the same three ingredients that you add -- water, oil and an egg. All simple and fail proof. I noticed that although the boxes state it makes 8 regular sized cupcakes, the Pumpkin and Banana made 9. The red velvet made slightly less batter -- I made 9 cupcakes but they were much smaller than the other mixes. I also recommend baking the cupcakes for slightly less than the box suggests (I noted that below). I did not have to spend forever making delicious pupcakes for Ninja and his friends to enjoy -- and they definitely enjoyed it!

Puppy Cake Pupcakes + Review


Preheat 350F Degrees

1 Puppy Cake mix
3/4 c. water
1/4 c. of vegetable oil
1 egg

16 oz. (2 packages) of cream cheese
3 tbsp. honey
1/2 c. honey
1/2 c. peanut butter
Dog treat for garnish (optional)


For the cake:
In a bowl combine cake mix, vegetable oil, water and egg. Coat cupcake tray with liners. Pour batter into each liner about 1/2 - 2/3 full and bake for 20 minutes or until inserted toothpick comes out clean. Allow to cool.

For the frosting:
While the cupcakes are baking, in the bowl of the stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment, cream together cream cheese, peanut butter and honey. Mix the ingredients for a few minutes and you will notice the frosting will get fluffier. The frosting should be slightly stiff. Frost cupcakes and garnish with dog treat.


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