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07 April 2015

Crockpot Hamburger Hash

::guilty face:: I disappeared again. But I have a good excuse! This year, I applied for residency/internship...my last step in getting my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology...when I can call myself "Dr. For the Love of Dessert" ;)  The whole process is insanely time consuming. I started applications in July submitted them in October. I know?!? They take months to prepare. Thankfully, I got interviews at almost all the sites I applied to, except 3. But this process works on a timeline SO all interviews take place in the months of December, January, and a few in February (mostly January), our rank lists were due February 4th and Match Day was February 20th.

What does that all mean? Well, all my interviews were in January (minus 1), so I had 14 places to visit in that month. Each in a different city and mostly state. So there was a A LOT of traveling. Back-to-Back and cross country. Because of the tight schedule (I interviewed almost every other day and sometimes weekends), I did not have time to fly back home :( ... No hubby or Ninja for a whole month! I flew off January 4th and did not come home until February 2nd. I missed them like CRAZY!

17 flights, 3 trains, 1 mega bus and 9 hotels (because I have lovely family that let me couch surf). All out of one carry on suit case and a personal item. Late nights, early morning and all day interviews. If I don't fly or stay in a hotel for awhile...I shall be a happy camper. I met some amazing people though and I matched :) . I will be doing my residency up in the Northeast. So the southern warm bodies that are the hubby, Ninja and I will be making our way up ..yikes!

To celebrate I wanted to share one of my favorite recipes. Rarely do I EVER make a recipe twice. And when I do it is usually because it's a recipe I made when I first started this blog and did not know how to photograph the food. But I fell in love with this recipe and have made it at least 4 times since... which should say a lot. Not only does it check the box of "easy peasy" which is a must for my favorite recipes but it is so om-geeee good. This recipe makes quite a bit of food and so I happily ate bowls of this for days haha. I also add red pepper flakes, because I like the spiciness :)

Adapted from Betty Crocker


3 pounds of ground meat (I use turkey)
6 oz can of tomato paste
1 (10.75 oz) can of condensed cream of mushroom
1 (10.75 oz) can of condensed cream of chicken
3/4 c of water
Bag of frozen pepper and corn blend (or some variation of)
1 (28 oz) bag of O'Brien potatoes with onions and peppers, thawed* 
1 tsp. salt
Shredded cheese

*I really like potatoes so, I sometimes use 2 bags, but this makes the recipe less "saucey"


In a large skillet over medium heat, cook ground meat until browned. Drain excess liquid. While meat is cooking, in a small bowl, combine tomato paste, condensed soups, and water. Fold sauce into cooked ground meat until well incorporated. 

Coat slow cooker with cooking spray. Spread half of the potatoes across the bottom of slow cooker. And then half the veggies. Pour meat and vegetable mixture on top of potatoes. Then cover meat mixture with remaining veggies and potatoes. Cover and cook on low for 6 hours or on high for 3-4 hours -- until potatoes are tender. Stir ingredients together. Garnish with shredded cheese.


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