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08 September 2012

Crumbs Cupcakes Review

Location: National (present location: New York City)
Price: $4.50/cupcake
Rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars

For my sister's 30th birthday: my sister, one of my favorite cousins and I went to New York City to celebrate. While there we did some celebrating but we did some major food crawling, specifically cupcakery crawling. Yup-- that must be my cousin :) In less than two days we went to four different cupcakeries--all of which I will review. But for now I will focus my attention on Crumbs Cupcakery.

And I do have to apologize for my photos. It was while in NYC that my camera broke :( The pictures of these cupcakes look a little wonky- and that is because they all were taken with my iPhone. But do not be too sad-- because I broke my camera-- that is when I got to buy a new camera-- my beloved and prized Nikon D5100 which after 4 months I am still playing around with. I hope one day that I can realistically call myself an amateur food photographer. For now I am just a dork with a camera :)

This is a national chain- so you can find their cupcakes other than in NYC. I was really surprised I did not hear about it before- my sister explained to me that it was not just a local cupcakery. I really enjoyed crumbs. I have nothing to complain and so many things to give them kudos to. Their cupcakes are HUGE-- and when I mean huge, I mean at leasta twice the size of any cupcake you have eaten in a cupcakery before (even when those cupcakery use the word "jumbo")--HUGE. Which you have to pay for as their cupcakes are about $1.25 more than most cupcakes (set at $4.50-- but well worth it-- and that is hard for me to say).

What is funny is they also offer mini cupcakes and Colossal Cupcakes (hahaha..and that cupcake sure is colossal...its bigger than my face!). I love the idea of their mini cupcakes-- they prepackage a set of cupcakes-- some are all one flavor and they also offer just a pack of crumb favorites (which are their most popular flavors)-- so for those of you who do not think they can tackle the huge cupcake that is Crumbs but really want a sample of flavors they have got you covered! They also have a TON of flavors offered daily- so that is great. You do not have to worry about coming on a particular day to get a flavor you love. Almost all of their cupcakes are filled :) The cupcakes are creative, moist, delicious and have a perfect frosting to cupcake ratio.

 Random Fact: Whenever I travel, I always try my best to go to cupcakeries. Since I travel a lot without the hubby because of conference-- I always bring him back a cupcake :) Between the two of us we tried these Crumb Cupcakes (which I do not think they make some anymore :(...Red Velvet, Blackout (brownie cupcake filled with chocolate), Peanut Butter Banana (I do not think they make this anymore), Peanut Butter-Chocolate, Lemon, Caramel and Half and Half (brownie and cookie dough- I do not think they make this anymore either. Sad because it was my favorite).

The only thing I have to complain about is that their cupcakes (only some of them) look a bit of a hot mess. Meaning they are lopsided and looked bumped around. BUT what I most loved about Crumbs is that I got one of these cupcakes but was a bit sad when photographing them because it did not look good-- the staff saw that and noted that I was doing this for my blog-- and they gave me a nice, replacement for free and let me keep the other cupcake (because I had touched it) AND they wished me luck on my blog. To them Thank you! You were one of the sweetest staff I have ever encountered. Kudos to you Crumbs!

My recommendation: EAT AT CRUMBS :) You will not be sorry and they just may put a smile on your face :)

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