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20 December 2012

Crockpot Zuppa Toscana Soup

The hubby came home yesterday and asked how I made the crisscross pattern on the peanut butter cookies--which I explained but then mentioned how he wondered why they did. Well why looking up peanut butter cookie recipes yesterday I learned about it. But I realized that I did not share about it when posting yesterday! I really enjoyed sharing baking facts but I think slowly I moved away from it. So here goes: peanut butter cookies, traditionally is made from a cookie dough that does not spread. In the past, in order to make the cookie shape, bakers have pressed it down using a fork-- forming a crisscross pattern. :) Pretty interesting.

The other that I would like to talk about will be a thought from my heart about the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. I am not one for sharing opinions and pushing agendas-- like I have seen so many push anti- and pro- gun laws--which to me, during that time was so offensive. But I feel that as someone who works with both mental illness and children- I wanted to take the time to say something. Sometimes- in this world there are events that occur that make absolutely no sense-- none at all. And sometimes those events contains a tragedy that is so far beyond our scope of thought and so painful to think of-- and this is one of those events.

The death of an innocent person is never okay and always a tragedy. But for some reason, the death of children really pulls at our heart strings. When I first heard of this event and subsequently have read about it- I have cried every time. I understand I am a mental health professional and some may be gun rights activists-- but sometimes it is not about your profession or your opinions but giving that up to grieve for parents who have lost their babies-- their babies who had such a short time to experience life, parents and families whose heart were ripped out to find that they will never see their babies go to college, fall in love and get married. That breaks my heart for them and each time I think of this- tears swell in my eyes and as I write this I cry.

Yes- this is definitely something that involved mental health- mental health of an individual who from childhood mostly likely suffered from a lot more than Autism Spectrum Disorder, but what this is really about are wonderful little babies who lost their lives. I am human enough to push past my occupation and my opinions to grieve for these families and these children-- with no explanation to offer why this happened and what should be done-- but instead be present enough to hurt with them.

This may have brought down the tone of this post-- and I am sorry for that-- but sometimes I feel the need to say something when I see individuals act so inhumane to the hurt of others. Soup is always soothing for the soul-- so lets end with a Copycat Recipe of Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana Soup.

Adapted from Get Crocked 


6 c. of chicken broth
1 c. heavy whipping cream
2 tbsp. garlic
1 lb. Italian Sausage, cut into medallions
6 small red potatoes
1 large onion, diced
2 c. spinach


In the crockpot combine all the ingredients- I placed the chicken broth and whipping cream first. I then add the garlic and evenly distribute. Next the Italian sausage followed by the potatoes, onion and spinach is added. Cook on high heat for 5 hours or on low heat for 10 hours.


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