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11 February 2014

Strawberry Puppy Chow

I realized that in all my recapping of my birthday, I did not tell you all what I got! And, being just a tad materialistic...that has got to be one of my favorite parts of my birthday! You know, those things you would never get yourself regularly because it just doesn't fit into your budget or seems just a little to much to justify in your head? But on your birthday, it is justified....hahah...and as you open it, that feeling of excitement you get? You know, that feeling when you were turning 5 and your parents threw you a huge party. And all you could see was that chocolate cake and huge pile of presents....THAT FEELING :) Maybe that's why I love my birthday so much and probably why my loved ones go all out for me....because I act like a 5-year old on my birthday and not a rational 20-something year old ;) Who needs rational?

This year for my birthday instead of asking for baking and cooking supplies. I know right!?! What was I thinking?! I wanted to "up my game" on another facet of my life. My girly, grown up side. I wanted to get make up...hahah. My mom never wore make up and so my sister and I were self-taught. And we know the basics....foundation, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and chapstick. But we did not use make brushes, beauty blenders, primers, concealers, correctors, etc...and I thought it was about time. Well, my sister thought it was because people always see my like a little kid (I wish...)....it's actually because for once in my life, I am feeling my age! I look in the mirror and see those gosh awful bags under my eyes...the puffiness....WHAT?!?! NOOOOOoooOOOOO

So, I wanted to learn the art of make up. Not the extreme kind where you can't even recognize me but where I look nice, for everyday and going out. Where the make-up is photogenic in pictures! And that is what  splurged on....fancy, name brand make up: Urban Decay (including the original Naked Palette), Lorac, Tarte, beauty blender....you name it, I got it. And Paulina splurged and got me fancy Sigma brushes for my birthday so I can learn to put on make up the right way ;) Stephanie splurged and got me these two adorable tops and one pair of gorgeous earrings. I swear, without them, I would look like a hot mess. I've been watching make-up tutorials on YouTube (but man can those girls freakin' talk....shhhhhhh) and playing around a bit to figure it all out. Paulina is going to Facetime and "teach me."

Blah blah.... ;) On to my second  Valentine's puppy chow recipe. The hubby (because remember he's a weirdo) is not a fan of red velvet. He says "it's not bad, there's just nothing special." ::shock face:: I wanted to make a puppy chow recipe that he would like. So I decided to make a strawberry puppy chow! Plus it's pink...one of the the two ultimate Valentine's Day color.s He really liked it #score.

Recipe inspired by Life, Love, & Sugar


5 c. Rice Chex cereal
1 c. white chocolate chips
1 1/2 c. strawberry cake mix
Valentine's M&Ms


In a large tupperware (or mixing bowl with lid) measure out 5 c. of Rice Chex cereal. In a separate bowl, sift strawberry cake mix -- set aside.

Microwave chocolate chips until melted, be careful not to burn the chocolate. If the microwave just does not work for you, you can try a double broiler.

Pour chocolate over Rice Chex cereal. Then using a spatula fold the chocolate into the Rice Chex cereal, until well coated. Dump sifted, strawberry cake mix into the tupperware and seal with lid (alternatively you can use a large ziplock freezer bag -- which is easier for clean up). SHAKE....put on some music...dance with it...but SHAKE IT LIKE A SALT SHAKER ;) Just keep shaking....

Once Rice Chex cereal is well coated in strawberry cake mix, dump onto large cookie sheet and let cool. Mix in Valentine's M&Ms and serve :)



  1. Hi Yassine! Thank you :) I LOVE puppy chow too! And I never knew it could come in so many different flavors!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving comment.

  2. this looks awesome, i'm goint to try it with my kids, i follow a lady on youtube who is great with cosmetics, her name is emilynoel83, she is worth checking out

  3. Hi Anonymous! How did it come out? Did your kids enjoy is? Thanks for the makeup tip! I will definitely have to check her our. I've been learning a little bit at a time :)